“The Word of God is Our Foundation” -Summary of the sermon 2017/10/08

The word of God is the foundation for our lives. It is by seeking the word of God, by keeping God’s commandments, and fearlessly proclaiming God’s word that we can attain true and everlasting peace in this crooked world that constantly provides us with other means toward temporary satisfaction. Lets look at the book of Judges, chapter 7 of how Gideon went from weakness to strength for he listened to the word of God and also how he failed in the end as he was trapped by his own pride. Gideon’s attentiveness toward God’s word should remind us the importance of establishing a firm foundation in the word of God. Such an establishment in God’s word should enable us to lead a holy lifestyle and have God’s word always in our mouth. Furthermore, Gideon’s failure due to his own pride should remind us to have humility and a God-centered motivation in everything we do.

How did Gideon go from weakness to strength? He listened to the word of God. When God first chose Gideon as the judge to defeat the Midianites, Gideon doubted and requested a lot of signs from God. Despite of Gideon’s weakness, God is still all-sufficient and all-powerful. While Gideon articulated his fear, God manifested his might and faithfulness by giving Gideon victory. However, in order not to make Gideon misunderstand that it was by human strength that they won over the Midianites, God weeded out 22000 people who were afraid, and 9000 more whose behavior did not match God’s standard. God gave Gideon 300 hundred warriors who defeated their enemies, and thus they recognized that God has given them victory. From there we shall see how God’s promise is sure and how we should pray for stronger faith rather than fall in our own weaknesses. And how are we going to strengthen our faith? It is only by familiarizing ourselves with God’s word that we can experience God’s faithfulness day by day.

While Gideon has experienced God’s faithfulness to His people, Gideon fell from strength to weakness once again in his late years. Once he stopped listening to God’s voice, he started to listen to people who flattered him, wanting to give all the glory to him instead of God. The ephod that Gideon made for himself represents the pride that ultimately led to the downfall of his family. Gideon’s ephod symbolizes human pride and desire that wants to overpower God’s will and God’s good intention. Because we are all weak like Gideon, we should guard our hearts and seek God’s will before all else. Just as Psalm 127 verse 1 says “unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Regardless of our age and our position, we should acknowledge God in all our ways, for it is by God’s might and power that we succeed and grow. Let us examine our hearts, prevent arrogance and pray for humility. Do not set up a snare for yourself as Gideon did by making himself an ephod that did not belong to him. Let us determine to live a holy lifestyle by reading, understanding, and living out His word.



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