2018A-kids兒少英文小組 2-5月課程表

時間: Every Sunday at 10 or 12
Date Theme
2/25 Noah‘s Ark 挪亞方舟
3/4 David and Goliath 大衛與歌利亞
3/11 The Birth of Jesus 耶穌誕生
3/18 The Baptism of Jesus 耶穌受洗
3/25 The Miracles of Jesus 耶穌的神蹟奇事
4/1 The Easter Story – Easter weekend 復活節故事
4/8 ABSENT – in China 暫停
4/15 Jonah and The Big Fish 約拿魚腹經歷
4/22 Daniel and the Lions 但以理與獅子
4/29 Joseph’s Colourful Coat 約瑟的彩衣
5/6 Jesus and His Disciples 耶穌與門徒