A-kids English Cell Group兒少英文小組

english cell group bannerObjectives / 目標

1. Create a “safe ” environment to speak in English to a native speaker so kids can speak and read English well


2. Learn the English bible, names, stories, places, phrases etc ~ sow seeds for their futures in church missions overseas

學習英文聖經,如人名,故事,地名,聖經專有名詞等 – 為孩子預備跨文化國宣教之需

Target Group /對象

minimum 8 years old (Grade 3 above) 國小三級以上

Time and Location /時間

Time: Every Sunday at 10 or 12每週日10:00/12:00

Location: 116台北市文山區萬美街二段84號

Sample class discussion comprehension questions


– How many times did Peter say that he didn’t know Jesus? WHY?

彼得幾次否認耶穌? 為什麼會否認耶穌?

– What did the crowd put on Jesus’ head? WHY?


– How did Jesus die? 耶穌如何死的?

– Where was Jesus buried? 耶埋葬在哪裡?

– Who found out that Jesus was alive? 誰發現耶穌復活?

– What does this story teach us? 這故事教倒了我們甚麼?